In the late 1800’s during the burgeoning industrial revolution, Guy Mafera Sr came to the United States from Italy. Guy worked as a mechanical engineer in a processing plant weaving steel wire fabric. As a true innovator, Guy Mafera received a patent in 1895 for his exclusive manufacturing process of continuous wire fabric. Ten years later, he was awarded a second patent for his wire twisting machine, technology that would revolutionize the fence industry, and was identical to the product known as chain link fence.

Further innovation in the Mafera enterprise came with the establishment of a galvanizing plant, ultimately leading to the most durable, and practical general-use fence material in the world today.

Today, 125 years and four generations later, the Mafera family business carries on the tradition of excellence and ingenuity established by Guy Mafera Sr so long ago. Now, as then, American Fences cares about workmanship, honesty, service and quality- values that are key to our success.

The American Fence construction experience is something that cannot be found anywhere else. We know fencing and we know your neighborhood.

Through family ownership and vast experience, American Fences has earned the reputation as the leader in residential and industrial fencing throughout the Northeastern United States. Our guarantee is that you will be satisfied with our work, our attentive service and our unmatched fencing materials. We stake our reputation with every fence job we do.

American Fences, Incorporated- over a century of satisfied fence customers and growing.

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