Chain link fencing is a popular fencing solution and is the leading way to create a safe and protected perimeter environment. Choose from galvanized, vinyl coated chain link fabric or a vinyl coated system where all materials are vinyl coated. Chain link is ideal for both residential and commercial applications providing durability and flexibility along with value. Call our office for more details and pricing information.

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20 thoughts on “Chain Link Fences

  1. I need pricing on getting my back yard fenced in. about half acre. Chain link. Just need to know about how much.

    1. Hi Denise. Thanks for your inquiry. Please email us at or call 603-485-7197 with your lineal footage, fence height, layout and city of installation. There are some other details we will need as well to get you a rough idea on price. Thank you!

    2. hi there i need a price on black chain link fence about a 100 ft with one gate. ill put it up my self. just need a price?

  2. Hi
    We are putting together a proposal to put in a new softball field at Bishop Brady High School. To start, we would need a quote to put in a back stop and 30-35 feet of 6ft fence on each side with an opening for the benches/dugouts. Would you be able to get us a quote?
    Rob Rochette

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for contacting us for a fence estimate. We’ll work on this for you and email you with any questions.



  3. Hi, i would like an estimate on a black chain link fence. I don’t know how big the area we want is. We would like to do 4 vinyl sections on the side of the house and then black chain link the rest of the way down and around the back yard. I am in northwood. Would it be possible for some one to come out and give us a free estimate?

  4. Hi Justin,

    Sure, we can set that up for you. Please call our office at 485-7197 to schedule an appointment.


    Catie Mafera

  5. I need a estimate on black and galvinized chain link fence. 204 feet total, but I also need a gate in there. Quote with you guys installing and quote without install. Im located in Mount Carbon, WVa 25139. 30 miles east of Charleston WVa. Thank you

    1. Hi Monoa, we are an independently owned and operated business located in NH and only service this area of the country. Thanks for contacting us though! Good luck to you.

  6. Hello I am interested in getting my front yard fenced in.
    Do you do consultants for free?
    What is busiest time of year, I am looking to get done next spring as soon as ground thaws or the fall before ground freezes.
    I am specially looking for a 6 foot tall galvanized chain link with gate in side for entry and at back where hose is.
    I was told will cost around $3000

  7. Hi, looking for a rough estimate for 2 options.

    6ft galvanized chain link fence, 200 ft total linear length, and 2 gates. (3) 90 deg corners, and fence abutting house at both ends.

    Option 1, material and installation

    Option 2, material only, and I install

  8. Looking for 2 chain link fence panels. 10 to 12 feet wide by 8 to 10 feet tall. Thank you. Also do you have 10 foot by 6 foot high panels?

    1. Hi Larry,
      I apologize for not responding to your request sooner. We make these panels to order. They are a welded 1-3/8″ o.d. galvanized frame and filled with 2x9x8′ or 6′ high wire.
      8′ high x 10′ wide panel: $300.00 each
      8′ high x 12′ wide panel: $320.00 each
      6′ high x 10′ wide panel: $230.00 each

      Please call me at 485-7197 with any questions.
      Thank you,

      Aimee L. Mafera

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